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What is Avail?

Avail Finance works towards helping businesses achieve their goals by providing a number of financial need-based services for their employees, thus resulting in higher employee engagement and retention.

Our objective is to leverage technology to speed up the loan approval process, eliminate the need for physical verification and provide alternate data points to score the applicants that do not have a formal credit score.

Employer’s benefits

Better utilize your capital

By providing small ticket personal loans employers can use the same working capital in expansion & advancements of their core functions.

Zero liability

Employers will have no liability whatsoever

Motivated employees

With a good financial health, employees will be more motivated to work

Zero Cost Benefit Program

Our services and financial literacy program comes at zero cost to the employers.

Employee benefits

Access to easy and cheap credit

Enhanced lifestyle, Morale boost & Social empowerment

Employment profiling

Better understanding of skills, availability of new opportunities

Financial products

Utility Bill Payment, Prepaid card & Insurance

Our Offering

Personal loans

Avail provides unsecured loans which help to meet your employee’s current financial needs.

Financial Literacy Program

Through our Financial Literacy program we educate our customers about Building and maintaining good financial health

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