How Avail works ?

Avail provides an innovative platform, where the financially underserved people can get quick and easy finance from lenders that choose to invest their money for interest income. Our objective is to leverage technology to speed up the loan approval process, eliminate the need for physical verification and provide alternate data points to score the applicants that do not have a formal credit score. Avail, thus, presents a win-win situation for the borrowers and lenders, where the borrowers can get quick and easy access to credit and the lenders can get a great return on their investment.


Presently, to register on our platform (borrower or lender), you need to be an Indian resident. The interest borrowers need to fill out our online application form along with the mandated documents required to conduct the review process. The interested lenders can contact the Avail team by writing to us at care@availfinance.in, and following the subsequent process for enrolment.

Loans Requested: 8144

Loan Approved: 244

Amount Disbursed: 3422140

Annual Percentage Rate(APR): 36.16%

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The Process

Avail undertakes an elaborate and comprehensive verification for all the stakeholders registering on its platform. The interested borrowers have to fill out the detailed application form and upload the KYC documents, which are then verified by our review team. The lenders undergo a similar scrutiny before they can start lending to the borrowers.

Avail’s system, based on the earning history of the prospective borrower, suggests the amount and tenure for the borrowers, which is then relayed to the interested lenders. The lenders are only matched to the borrowers that fit the profile laid out by the lenders while enlisting on Avail’s platform. Lenders can then fund the borrowers based on a FIFO (Fist-In-First-Out) methodology to ensure transparency of the process. No borrower is allowed to be funded by multiple lenders at one time and his/her entire loan amount has to be funded only by one lender.

Once a borrower is matched to a lender, a formal agreement is digitally signed by both of them. The borrower is shown the final EMI repayment schedule, he submits the final few documents required for loan processing and the loan amount is transferred to the borrowers designated bank account.

Repayments are done through direct deductions from the salaries, NACH debits or through online payment gateways visible on the Avail Android app.

Reserve Bank of India does not accept any responsibility for correctness of any of the statements or representations made or opinions expressed by the Company, and does not provide any assurance for repayments of the loans lent on it.